Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Industries

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The Manufacturing Industries (A&D) industry is rapidly adopting newer technologies to address the challenges of shrinking budgets, rising operational cost, infrastructure management, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and a complex global supply chain. Grab Technology Solutions is at the forefront, working with aerospace companies and defense contractors to overcome these challenges and guide them safely through this phase of intense digital transformation.

The global Aerospace & Defense Industry is experiencing an increasingly challenging situation. A&D companies are trying to overcome the challenge which comes in the form of frugal customers and increasing market competition. This prompts them to control costs and shift their focus from innovation. The long product life cycles and regulatory compliance are other concerns which A&D companies are looking to address effectively.

The industry is in need of innovation and to reach the goals of a next-generation enterprise they will need to take advantage of the key tenets that have been enabled through the democratization of technology. Grab Technology Solutions can leverage those tenets to help A&D companies generate exponential changes to enterprise business systems through Human-centered design led platform solutions that eliminate waste through Autonomics (AI & Analytics), drive rapid change with DevOps, innovation through the ecosystem and generate new business models through IoT.

Grab Technology Solutions acquisition of AXON combined the best of AXON’s strong business consulting and implementation capabilities and Grab Technology Solutions robust global delivery-based application management capabilities.

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