Data Science

Data Science

Data Science

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  • Use your data to boost sales
    We offer data analysis and machine learning development services for a range of business domains, including e-commerce, retail, fashion and finance. By extracting business insights and improving data management, our data scientists help our clients tailor their services with personalisation, smart recommendations and targeting – to reduce churn and sales overheads while boosting conversion and raising AOV and sales.
  • Improve business efficiency
    We offer data science consulting and optimization services for the logistics and agriculture sectors, helping them adopt machine learning models and solutions for predictive maintenance, smart route planning and yield optimisation. As an experienced data science company, we use our simulation expertise to help finance clients adopt process automation and improve their fraud analytics and risk.
  • Effectively manage risks
    We scrutinise your modelled data to help you implement prescriptive analytics and machine learning models, so you can instantly qualify leads, quantify successes, predict market demand, enhance your business processes and effectively resolve challenges. This allows you to focus your efforts and investments where you’ll get the best ROI.
  • Enhance operational performance
    Our data scientists apply proven machine learning techniques to help you augment key processes and optimise things like call centre workload or parts & inventory, so you can balance the costs of managing your assets. We will also help you improve your controls so you can measure and manage performance with ease – reducing your time and budget burden.
  • Deliver exceptional, intelligent UX
    We can help you develop smart digital assistants that provide swift, personalised responses. Using natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV) and deep learning techniques you can transform unstructured content into meaningful data. NLP improves all aspects of computer-to-human communication, so you’ll deliver a new level of user experience that boosts acquisition and retention.

What you get with Grab Technology Solutions data science services

We’ll take your data requirements and create powerful analytical modules that help you identify insight gaps, spot opportunities, improve your business outcomes and tighten your operational efficiency through tools like automation, process optimisation and predictive analytics. By improving data management, you’ll be empowered to drive an effective digital transformation, enable accurate predictions, gain valuable customer insights, make smarter business decisions while navigating risks and decreasing your operational costs.

  • Analytics models’ deployment
  • Predictive/optimisation model microservices where needed
  • All necessary documentation and source code
  • Data flow consultancy, reporting, presentations and demo sessions
  • Pre-agreed and guaranteed quality level
  • A data analytics and modelling module



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