Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our Natural Language Processing App Development Solutions & Services

Natural language processing helps in investigating and understanding the human language. The human-machine relationship can employ such existing applications as:- We offer NLP-based data analytics and machine-learning solutions that will give you a competitive edge in the market. Our proficient NLP data developers have dexterity and expertise in providing the most innovative, robust, and effective NLP app solutions by employing advanced methodologies and techniques. With our years of experience and vast knowledge about NLP and machine learning technology, we aim at developing result-oriented NLP application development to enhance your business operations and increase productivity. Some of our NLP services include:-

  • Data Acquisition
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Data Mining Integration
  • Machine Translation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Chatbots
  • Computer-assisted Coding
  • Market Intelligence

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Take Advantage Of Our Full-Cycle NLP Services

We offer full-cycle services for NLP-based platforms in a way that proves our advanced machine learning competencies.

  • Custom Product & Application Development
    • Our proficient NLP developers build robust, high-performance, and process-oriented applications for desktop, mobile, web, and cloud to ensure mature SLAs and maintain a perfect balance between cost, quality, and security standards.
  • Application Enhancement & Upgrade
    • We can enhance and upgrade your existing NLP applications to newer NLP or AI-based development frameworks and platforms. With our enhancement and upgrade services, we aim at reducing the overall cost and time of our clients.
  • Application Maintenance & Support
    • As a reliable NLP app development company, we provide quality assurance and testing services for NLP apps by performing extensive testing for pre-to-post release functionality, performance, and load verification. We employ the best practices, technology, and testing solutions to ensure the end-product performs optimally and flawlessly.

NLP Development Methods We Use

The most preferred techniques used for NLP development are as follows.

  • Parsing (Determining the syntactical structure of the text)
    • Parsing in NLP is the process of examining the sentence and creating a parse tree. The parse tree helps in determining the syntactical structure of the sentence by analyzing grammatical interactions of the constituent words.
  • Stemming (Reducing a word to its word stem)
    • The concept of stemming is derived from morphology. This method helps NLP specialists to determine the variants of words having the same stems and connotations.
  • Text Segmentation (Segmenting the text into meaningful parts)
    • Each sentence delivers a certain idea, concept, or consideration. The process helps in dividing a written text into contextual parts like words, sentences, or topics that apply mental processes used by humans while reading the text as well as artificial processes implemented in machines.
  • Relationship Separation (Determining the semantic belonging)
    • It is the process of identifying the semantic links between different named entities.
  • Sentiment Analysis (Determining the attitude/tone)
    • This is one of the crucial issues in NLP development. The text should be recognized and the intention should be forecasted. Sentiment analysis is often used for customer reviews and surveys.
  • Identification of the Named Entities
    • Identifying the named entities helps in identifying and specifying words with the current realm concepts.

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