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The tech revolution in Education

The 21st century brought about a revolution in the education industry, with the internet as an instant and always-on source of learning. Market disruptions today have amplified the need for technology-powered blended learning experiences. As digital offers boundaryless access to education through phygital models, extended reality, and most recently, the metaverse, students get to experience hyper-personalized, immersive, and self-paced learning. Add to that, the collaboration between the industry and the academia to reimagine the broader construct of education, and you have a dynamic, future-ready workforce.

Grab Technology Solutions helps the education sector navigate the new normal and emerge more resilient with the Live Enterprise framework –

  • Enable remote learning at scale –Grab Technology Solutions elevates the learning experience with a robust online learning platform that supports personalized and immersive learning while incorporating advanced learning methodologies such as game-based learning.
  • Accelerate migration to the cloud –Grab Technology Solutions ensures high availability of learning resources by leveraging cloud computing for infrastructure, data and applications across the education landscape. Our managed services for cloud infrastructure ensure always-on access for multimedia applications including video on demand, gaming, and live streaming media.
  • Ensure resilient IT operations – Grab Technology Solutions adopts a holistic information security and cybersecurity approach to safeguard digital assets. Our remote management solution monitors servers, networks, and endpoints to detect unauthorized intrusions and security breaches.
  • Establish resilient business processes –Grab Technology Solutions supports educational institutions to better manage operations by streamlining workflows for enrollment, administration, finance and accounting, and payroll.

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