21st century brought a lot of technological changes in practice. Progress is impossible without change. Many prevalent and highly commercial technologies have been replaced with new technologies, especially in the field of computer science and engineering. In this world of digital revolution, there’s something on the brink of becoming mainstream always.

Top 5 Trending Technologies

Technology is ever changing and hence, the digital revolution. It’s now necessary for businesses to keep up with the technological advancements, modify their models and evolve accordingly. To work better and smarter, overcome pandemic’s effect, business growth, gain agility and remain resilient through technology, it is important for businesses to go with the digital transition. Let’s look at the next wave of tech innovation that is going to shape our world:

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•    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a giant section of computer science concerned with building expert systems and smart machines that are able to perform human intelligence required tasks; which makes it possible for machines to perform humanoid functions. Machine learning is a subset of AI that is used in many areas like navigation apps, image and speech recognition, self-driving cars, traffic prediction, chess playing devices etc.

Considering the potential of AI and machine learning, it’s still a new technology in 2022. Both AI and machine learning have reached common people’s hands, gaining several applications over the years. They are the cutting edge of computer science and require advanced knowledge of statistics. The fact that AI and machine learning are the emerging technology development has raised the growth of number of jobs in this field. Landing a job in this domain keeps you at the forefront of technological development in computer science.

Big companies like Google, IBM, Amazon and Apple are investing in it.

•    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) is the technology that provides almost real experience in a computer-generated world. And Augmented Reality (AR) enhances the actual world by taking digital images and superimposing them on this real world. Smartphones and computers have become a huge part of our lives now. VR and AR have changed the way we use our screens by creating new and exciting interactive experiences. For example, with VR and AR, you can experience skydiving, underwater life, virtual personal assistant etc.

The traffic for these technologies is supposed to increase 12 fold by 2022 in all entertainment fields. It uses many types of technologies like sensors, advanced optics etc. in a single device to overlay technology in real-time space. Mixed reality (MR), combined elements of VR and AR, is also emerging now.
Companies like Oculus, Cisco and Virtuix are investing in it.

•    5G
5G is the fifth generation of cellular network and services. It is a new wireless standard technology after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks. 5G is expected to provide around 10 Gbps uplink and 20 Gbps downlink, almost 40 times faster than the current 4G network. These services might revolutionize our lives. It enables machines, devices and objects to connect together virtually with advanced technologies like AR and VR.

5G technology is designed to increase speed, deliver massive network capacity, and reduce latency. It is anticipated to be mostly used in HD cameras, factories, smart grid control and smart retail.
Companies like Intel, Deloitte, Huawei, Nokia, Samsung and Ericsson are investing in 5G technology. Trending Technology

•    Internet of Things (IoT)

Billions of devices are linked to the internet currently. These devices cover common household gadgets as well as typical industrial articles. Vacuums, connected appliances, smart cars, biometric cybersecurity scanners, wearable health monitors, are few examples of IoT.

Companies like Microsoft, Intel, IBM and Cisco have invested in Internet of Things.

•    Cyber Security

These hackers don’t seem to give up anytime soon as cyber threats are constantly new. It’s crossing the minds of companies now that information technology/cyber security is not a luxury but necessity.

Companies like CISCO, IBM, and RedHat are investing in Cyber Security.

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