If you are in the real estate business, then you know generating the quality of leads in the most important thing in real estate as you all know the real estate market is enormous. But you might be thinking how to generate leads for real estate business in India and convert them.

Leads Generation Real Estate Business

As a real estate agent, you might be facing many issues post pandemic situation and your business have went down. But have you ever thought that by implementing online marketing strategies in your business you can generate more leads and also conversions.

This question is the most ask question in the real estate business. I know how difficult you generate quality leads and close them into paying customers. But if you follow my strategies for lead generation, then you can generate a tone of quality leads and boost your monthly sale and revenue.

In this blog, I’ll teach you the exact strategy that I follow to generate more quality leads for my clients.

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Shyam Kumar

I know lead generation is the tough part of this business. But the real estate business is a high-ticket product. This is a numbers game, if you have more leads than more chances you have to run a successful real estate business.

Almost 90% of the agents’ time is spent prospecting meetings with clients, showing listings, emailing. Therefore, putting your time into marketing is essential.

Your Skillset is can’t be limited to selling your property, your ability ways to generate leads for real estate is even more important for your success in this competitive real estate business. Just follow these methods and grow your real estate business.

how to generate leads for real estate business

1. Online portals

2. Google my business

3. YouTube

4. Pay per click

5. Facebook ads

6. Content marketing for social media

7. Website

8. Email marketing

Online portals

Almost 80% of realtors use property portals to generating real estate leads. Because these portals are very famous for first-time home buyers. These portals connect buyers and sellers into one platform.

online property portals sell advertising packages to real estate agents and developers, that’s why buyers and sellers both have the same platform to buy and sell our property.

This is the famous online portals in India

* 99 acres

* Magic bricks

* Commonfloor

* Housing.com

* No broker

* India property.com

* Just dial

* Olx

* quikr homes

* Sulekha

Google My Business (local SEO)

Google reported that 46% of searches are based on local base intent. Yet, knowing this information real estate business owners don’t take advantage of google my business free platform. Google my business is the best way to boost your local presence.

If your business is a local base and you want a local real estate lead, then you can’t skip the free and most effective lead generation google my business platforms. How to generate leads for real estate business in India? Focus on hipper local marketing.


how to generate leads for real estate business in India then YouTube is your platform for success. In real estate competition is so high, in India Over, 10 lack real estate agents but YouTube is still a blue ocean. You can start to attract your leads by uploading videos on YouTube. YouTube is the best inbound lead strategy for real estate. YouTube also helps to build your reputation in your customers.

Simple create a YouTube channel and start posting your property videos by tagging your local base keywords. Because YouTube is 2nd best search engine over a while you start getting an inbound lead.

Google ads (pay per click)

Ranking your page on google is a very hard task to do. If your keyword is high competition, then it takes months to rank on the first page.

You just have to do the target right kind of keyword that commercial intent is high. When you place your ad on Google, you start getting instant results from your ad.

Benefits of PPC

* Its shows your ad in front of your buyers

* PPC is an immediate ranking process

* Its track your result instant

Facebook ads

If you think about how to generate real estate leads on Facebook, then I tell you the right strategy. Facebook is the cheapest way to generate leads from ads campaign. if you have a tighter budget in ads, then Facebook ads must have your first choice. how to get real estate leads from Facebook It’s cheap to generate real estate leads compare to google ads. how to get real estate leads from Facebook run Facebook ads for your new leads and aware your target customers.

Steps to run Facebook ads

* Create your business page

* Create a Facebook ad manager account

* Install pixel in your website

* Create an ad campaign with great graphics and videos

* Target your local audience

* Optimize your ads for the best ROI

Still think how to generate leads from Facebook for real estate then read my full article on Facebook lead generation for real estate.

If you upload content on social media for your target customer then you not just start getting leads but getting loyal followers for your real estate business. Create consistent content that adds value to your customer, provides information for new home buyers, and over a while, you start gaining trust in your potential customer. how to generate real estate leads on LinkedIn just follow exact content marketing strategy and you start generating leads LinkedIn as well.


In this modern world, you cannot afford to adapt to new techniques for your real estate business. You can’t available 24/7 for your customers but your website can. Your website is your online shop. You can show all your properties to your customer online.

Benefits of having a website

* It builds a strong web presence

* Shows you as a brand

* Provide information about your property

* Generate more leads

* Gives all information about you and your business

* Available 24/7 even without office hours

How to use your website for generating real estate leads

* Create your website that shows your property

* Optimize your website for local search keywords

* Write a valuable blog for your potential customers

* Apply the right on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to reach existing and future customers. It could be the most cost-effective way to reach your real estate audience. you can reach millions of people just cost 1/4 of social media. You can achieve a lot of goals using email marketing like brand awareness, relationship building, increase sales, and costumer’s loyalty. That’s why email marketing is much needed for real estate business

Leads Generation Real Estate


IF you want to grow your real estate business in this competitive market & still wondering how to generate leads for real estate business in India- the blog will prove to be a great help.

Adapt this lead generation strategy for your real estate business. The real estate business is a numbers game, if you have more leads than you can dominate your market easily. You’re earning only base on your sale that’s why you have to use these new lead Techniques in your business.

I hope this blog adds value to your life. I will write a more quality blog like this in the coming days.